A Painting is Worth a Thousand Words

Art is a Visual Vocabulary

Artists in Bloom Ministry is about giving one a new vocabulary and grammar to express our life’s experiences. This is a new language.  Learn a visual vocabulary to express the landscape of your life. This is a more than therapeutic; it is life changing and affirming.

Two essentials in life and art are value and design. We teach you to mix hues to achieve and see values. We learn to design a canvas as a life for success.

Our Mission

To mentor people into translating their life experiences into visual poetry. Artists in Bloom Ministry is a ministry of inspiration and redemption. In each class, you will learn a visual grammar as you create visual music or poetry on canvas. 

Why Art?

Each painting, each effort affirms life.  Life is filled with suffering and blessings. Words may not the best vehicle to express our Journey. Each painting becomes an antidote to life’s uncertainty.

Our Vision

Artists in Bloom Ministry says yes and helps one another find meaning and dignity through our journey with God. Through our work, we build a community to support one another.

“Art lessons for me began as an opportunity to retreat from the business of life in a focused and centered activity that would teach me a new skill.As the years have evolved, art means so much more than simply learning to draw and paint.  It has become a way of seeing life, not only that physical world around me, but the spiritual world within me.  Each of these landscapes have a variety of shapes, colors and textures all of which longs for a cohesive and balanced composition.” – Jane

“I came to Virginia’s class, ‘Artists In Bloom Ministry’, after having seen her work and loving her style. She graciously invited me to come and although it was an almost 2 hr. drive, Virginia made it worth it. Not only have I developed as an artist but was blessed with the camaraderie and kindness of these special people in this class. My sister Karen and I have flourished in this setting, enjoying it all… such a blessing.” – Debbie

     “When my talented sister, Debbie, decided to take oil painting classes from Gini (after seeing her beautiful show at Beck Center), I thought, “Why not?  I’ll be with my sister for a good part of the day.”  Debbie lives an hour and a half away and we don’t see each other as often as we’d like.  I had no intentions of learning to paint.  My purpose was entirely selfish.  Debbie would come, paint, learn and I’d be there with her just enjoying my “sister” time.
With prayer, encouragement and tons of patience, Gini has slowly turned me into a half way decent artist!  Not only have I learned to paint, I’ve been blessed to meet some pretty extraordinary, faithful, talented, compassionate, caring men and women.  It’s a beautiful ministry Gini has going on here. Not everyone is of the same faith but there is a strong common bond of  God and love.
Thank you Gini for giving us all a safe place to express ourselves and a place to occasionally ask for prayer and give thanks together.  God bless you and this fabulous ministry.” – Karen Kirk

“I began taking oil painting lessons because of the encouragement of my good friend Gini.  ‘I cannot draw,’ was my excuse! Gini insisted that I had a good sense of color and she would guide me. And that she did!  Starting with an Abstract, then moving onto copying the Masters and my photographs of flowers, I learned to graph my subject matter and the canvas.

My love of painting blossomed through learning to ‘Enjoy the Process’ (one of Gini’s favorite lines) and Gini’s instruction and being part of a talented group of artists.

I’ve learned to look at the beauty of my surroundings and life with a deeper realization that slowing down and ‘Enjoy the Process’ is key to learning a new skill, living life fully, mentally, physically and spiritually!” -Connie Kappus

Upcoming Events

Summer 2018

Our work will be represented at Bay Arts, in the Sullivan Gallery during the month of July 2018.
Stay tuned for more information as this event nears. | Last updated 9.5.2017


In 2019, we look forward to being represented at the Wasmer Gallery at Ursuline College. We will have the opportunity to display two or three paintings. One I hope will be about people helping people – from refugees to Texas.
Stay tuned for more information as these events unfold. | Last updated 9.5.2017

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